Unsurpassed Arguments for Massaging your Feet Every Day

Unsurpassed Arguments for Massaging your Feet Every Day

If you are still looking for reasons to relax by having your feet massaged, always keep this list close at hand! You can show your partner how healthy it is. After the massage you switch roles. Or just do it yourself, your whole body will benefit.

Why your feet exactly?

Every organ and every part of the body is linked by energy paths with a reflex area that is connected in the foot. Anyone who has ever enjoyed a foot reflexology session may already know that you can actually feel the different touches in other places in your body. Of course a full body massage is still the best option, but that doesn’t always work out. With a foot massage, firm pressure on some pain points quickly brings relief, so you can also perform them perfectly yourself.

Start with a relaxing foot bath with Epsom or sea salt. Prepare clean, soft towels (which you might place on the heating beforehand, for that extra luxurious feeling?). Then pick out a Zen music and light some candles. It only takes two minutes extra, but with this kind of atmosphere you enjoy it all the more. And whether you should use oil? That is allowed, but it is not absolutely necessary. By massaging with the bare hand you get more feeling with the different pain points. Once the massage is over, you can pamper your feet with a relaxing lavender cream.

1. Big toe = appetite suppressant

Let’s start with a place that you will easily remember. The big toe is connected to the hypothalamus. That is an area in the brain that controls many factors: your emotions, motivation, pleasure and your emotional memory … but also your feeling of hunger! Massage from this zone of the big toe creates a saturated feeling. Give it a try if you feel that late-night hunger coming up again. In the summer you can even occasionally (discreetly) massage your toe, without having to take off your sandals!

2. Stress killer

The place under the ball of your foot is connected to the solar plexus. When you massage this spot, you not only breathe better and deeper, but you also relax wonderfully, so that the stress of the day disappears.

3. Smooth digestion

Good digestion is not only of great importance if you want to lose weight, but also for your general immunity system. Are your intestines tied up? Then try to massage the area in the center of your heel with firm pressure.

4. Energy boost

Massaging the center of the foot also has a positive effect on the adrenal glands. These are responsible for the production of hormones and ensure a good balance in the mineral balance. By pressing firmly on this zone you will feel your energy flowing again afterwards.

For most people this boost does not cause any sleeping problems. Do you want to be sure of a deep sleep? After the massage, drink a relaxing drink such as SleepDust, with a subtle mandarin taste.

5. Detoxifying effect

Finally, don’t forget your heels. The area in the middle and on the sides stimulates the urinary tract. In this way you give a boost to waste disposal. Your skin will look better after a few days thanks to the purifying effect.

Most people experience recovery after one massage, because they generally feel calmer and at the same time refreshed. After a few days you will also feel deeper relief, especially if you were already engaged in a healthy lifestyle. And if you do it together, this daily ritual also brings you closer to your partner.

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