Tips to Construct a Beautiful Home in Kerala

Tips to Construct a Beautiful Home in Kerala

Are you planning to construct a home?


Living in one’s own home is one of the most pleasant feelings in the world. At least 90% of the people want to build a home in the money made off their sweat and labour. The concern about the budget, paperwork and other complications involved pull them back from proceeding ahead. You can overcome such apprehensions by following calculated steps and assigning reputed builders in Kerala for constructing your home.

You don’t have to spend exorbitantly on constructing a beautiful home in Kerala. The leading builders in Kerala have derived solutions to reduce construction costs effectively. By implementing measures, the construction of your home can be completed within the pre-decided budget.

1.     Select the Right Builder

You will find a plethora of builders in Kerala, offering exemplary services at affordable rates. However, not all that glitters is gold. You need to choose the builder only after thorough verification of their work, credibility, and dependability. Don’t get lured by their fake claims and dishonest promises. The track record of the builder in Kerala, you choose for the construction of your home will have to be examined. Inspect the homes constructed by them, if possible, to ascertain their design styles and perfection.

2.     Discuss the Budgetary Options

Spending exorbitantly on unnecessary things is not advisable when you construct a home. The budgetary implications and costs of different types of construction in Kerala could be discussed with the builder you opt. The building firm will be able to advise concerning the total expenses expected when you go ahead with a particular design. The honesty and commitment of the builder are vital for you to get a trustworthy estimate.

3.     Finalize the Plan

It is a known fact that two-storey building construction costs will be less than the cost incurred for the construction of a single-storey house with the same carpet area. The roofing will be reduced remarkably when you decide to construct a two-storied building. Keep this concept in mind as you deliberate the house construction options with the builders and developers near your locations.

4.     Conclude an Agreement with the Builder

This is the point overlooked by most of the clients. They feel it as an unnecessary thing or shy away from signing an agreement with the builder in Kerala. Make sure that you are drafting an agreement, for which standard format is available in open sources. The agreement must have stipulations regarding the stage-wise payments, the works to be completed at each stage and the schedule of completion of work. This will be beneficial for you to avoid a dispute with the builder, to prevent extra expenses, and control of payment.

5.     Expansion Prospects if Required

You don’t have to build a larger than required house in a single go. Construct the home in such a way that you can expand it in the future when you have sufficient budget. The builder you assign can help you with that.

6.     Elevation Design Aspects

Most of the Keralites opt for traditional design patterns. Search the images of the homes designed in traditional Kerala style online. Don’t forget to put the area of the land available for construction of the home. You will find a plethora of beautiful home designs, from which you can handpick a few. Discuss it with your spouse and family members before you propose the same to the builder in Kerala, whom you have chosen for constructing the home.

7.     Interior Decorators

The interior design of the home matters a lot. An elegant and beautiful interior will make your stay a pleasant and joyful one. Finalize the interiors that mutually complement the overall design features of the home. The home will turn more beautiful than you expect with the right interior touches. Consult best interior decorators near home.

8.     Lighting and Ventilation

Ensure availability of maximum natural lights. It will not only improve the beauty of the home but also will help in reducing the electricity charges. The type of lights you put in different rooms is also important. The shape and style of lights must be according to the type of the room ceiling height etc. Ventilation is as important as lighting. The windows and doors must be wide and at the right spots. Consider French windows and ceiling length glass doors for better lighting and ventilation.

9.     Shades

Paint schemes can augment or diminish the look of a home. The shades you choose must depend on the style chosen. Thereby, enhancing the appeal of the home remarkably.

10.   Flooring

Vitrified tile is chosen by most of the people in Kerala nowadays. The colour combination and design of the tile may be discussed with your builder in Kerala.  A wrong pattern can destroy the beauty of the home. Finalize the tile only after thorough research to make your home in Kerala beautiful.

The reputed builders in Kerala will assist you in deciding the best designs. They will draw the elevation, plan and fix the interior decorations in consultation with you. To deliver you a home of your dreams.

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