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Create Free Blog Posts, News, Story or Articles on One of the easiest ways to build do-follow links is the directory.

Creating posts is actually not as difficult as you think, you don’t need a great career to write posts, you can tell your experiences and created articles, story, news & blog posts, you can also publish what you have learned via the internet.

Here I give some important tips that you need to consider in making an posts:

  1. Keyword Rich Headline: You have to think of a keyword that fits the headline of your posts, because when your post title is interesting, people will be interested to read it
  2. Quality Content: you should create quality content because if not, people who come are reluctant to return to your site
  3. Target Keywords: specify some interesting target keywords into your posts, because this will affect the ranking on search engines
  4. Format Your Posts Nicely: Make your article look as attractive as possible by adding images

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