Massage Relaxes Body and Mind

Massage Relaxes Body and Mind

Many people suffer from insomnia or insufficiently restorative sleep. Insomnia is already a “modern disease”. Due to insomnia, our body is more susceptible to inflammation and other diseases. The body is restored during sleep, and if we do not give it a chance, the body cannot rest and get a chance to heal. Massage is the ideal solution to the problem of insomnia, headache and muscle tension.

Therapeutic massage contributes to a deeper and better quality sleep, especially for people who suffer from some kind of pain. Massage promotes good sleep as it relieves pain, relaxes muscles and mind, which is essential for quality rest.

The massage relaxes the muscles

Many work activities require unnatural positions, which often cause muscle tension and stiffness. This tension is not only physically unpleasant but also weakens mental capacity. A sense of constant tension contributes to chronic hormonal, biochemical and neurological changes. Muscle connective tissue that envelops the muscles, becoming denser and less pliable and adversely affecting posture and breathing. Constant muscle tension impedes blood flow and nutrient delivery to organs and tissues.

Massage helps with tense and painful muscles, in which lactic acid accumulates due to fatigue or increased physical activity. It lowers the concentration of stress hormones and breaks down tension, bringing the body into a state of balance.

Relax your mind

Mental tension, like those in muscles, causes headaches, and massage relieves them. Massage at critical points is the most effective therapy – places where muscle tissue is strongly contracted. Critical points on the shoulders and neck convey pain to the head. Therefore, by reducing tension at critical points, we also alleviate headache. Research has led to the conclusion that massage helps to counteract tension-induced headaches by pushing a critical point apart to break down the proteins responsible for muscle spasm. When the proteins are separated, the cells relax and the muscle tension relaxes.

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