Insights on Building a Real-Estate App Like Fam Properties!

Do you want to market your real estate business? 

Are you still clingy to the generic web pages? 

If that’s a yes, some information and sound advice is what you need, and this article is here to exactly that. 

Firstly, one big piece of advice is to stop following old-fashioned trends and adopt modern approaches, such as mobile app development. 


Because that’s where your audience resides, and to market your product and grab the attention of the audiences, you need to be present where they are! 

Do you know about Fam Properties? Well, who doesn’t? If building your app like Fam Properties seems like a dream, not anymore! 

Read along to know more!

Tech Trends for a Real Estate Mobile App

The first step that a buyer takes while looking for a property is to search online. Therefore, you need to offer a seamless user experience to your customers. To fulfil the same, adopting tech trends is essential. So, below mentioned are the top three trends you can follow to enhance your app marketing. 

  • Home Technology    

A real estate agent should be familiar with the emerging technologies and their price point, smart home upgrades, best local vendors, and other trends. 

Therefore, you can offer the listing of properties based on these technologies. 

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

It takes a lot of time to make your customers go through the property. 

Not anymore!

How about taking a virtual tour? It serves two purposes: it eliminates the need to physically visit the property and saves time. 

  • Big Data 

As said, “Master of the information is the master of the situation.” 

Having collected all the data about potential customers helps you and your agents connect with the buyers efficiently. For instance, you can target your customers by following Facebook ads. 

Must-Have Features of a Real Estate App

  • Search Functionality 

The first thing users are likely to do when they visit a real estate mobile application is searching for the type of property they are looking for. Therefore, you must integrate a search feature and make properties easily searchable. 

  • Include Myriad Graphic Elements 

You must have heard that keeping things short and simple creates a greater impression than cluttering it up. In terms of your mobile app, it means that you present most of your property-related information in the form of graphics. This also means that you’ll have to plan an extra budget for crafting icons and other attractive graphic-based content. 

  • Support Seamless Three-Way Communication

Developing a real estate mobile application requires you to add detailed information about the properties. Additionally, your app must direct clients to your agency or real estate agents. Therefore, incorporating a chat feature that initiates communication between the three parties is essential. You may also enable sharing of media, voice recording, etc. 

  • Relevant Neighbourhood Information 

While purchasing a home or any property, the customer will also check the neighbourhood that may directly affect the buyer’s decision. Therefore, it is crucial to include such details.

Monetizing from a Real Estate Application  

While doing any business, it is important to harness enough revenue. So, here are a few ways you can follow to start monetizing from your real estate business:

  • Sell Ads to Third-Party Businesses 

Real estate applications can sell space for advertising to third parties like mortgage, interior designers, and other businesses willing to grow. 

  • Monthly Payment from Brokers 

You can ask your real estate agents for some amount of fees as they get featured on your mobile app. It is because agents are highly benefited once advertised, and win more customers. 

  • Premium Features 

It is always a good idea to differentiate your features on the basis of free and premium.  Therefore, you can offer a few features for free; however, if a customer wants to use the advanced features, they’ll have to pay for the same. 

Cost of Real Estate App Development 

There’s no universal answer to how much it’ll cost you for app development. However, you may estimate the cost by taking into consideration a few factors. Therefore, the factors are mentioned below:

  • Choice of platform
  • Tech stack
  • Number of features
  • Developer’s cost

To Sum Up  

Developing a real estate mobile application for people to make important decisions surely needs an experienced team of app developers in Dubai. Not only this, but to match the requirements of your users, you’ll need to develop functionality that keeps pace with the dynamic needs of the customers. 

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