How long does it take to get pregnant after abortion?

How long does it take to get pregnant after abortion?

After abortion or miscarriage’s a woman usually get upset emotionally, physically and avoid social interaction. She may want to take another chance of getting pregnant and try for it. Therefore it is very important to know how one should conceive and what are the guidelines she should abide by to get the desired result. After abortion, the hcg hormone level in the body falls abruptly and its takes time to come to the normal level . 

How much time is required to get pregnant again?

After abortion your menstrual cycle will get started again. It may take only 2 weeks to ovulate again. It is advised to have sex after two weeks of abortion to reduce the chance of infection If you want to get pregnant again.

After the abortion also, the pregnancy hormones still stays with the women for sometime and causes delay in ovulation and menstruation. If you do not menstruate even after six week of abortion , you should go for a pregnancy test or consult your Gynecologist. They may ask for blood tests or other diagnostic procedures to check if you still have some leftover pregnancy effect or not.

What are the potential risks associated with pregnancy after abortion?

Abortion is not solely responsible to create problem with fertility or pregnancy. But , some researcher claims that abortion can risk to give birth to a preterm baby or an under-weight baby. Some studies says that, women who undergone surgical abortion during their first trimester () has a higher chance of having miscarriage’s in their next  pregnancy. But there is no certain evidence that can emphasis upon the words said above. If you have opted for surgical abortion like dilation & curattage procedure then there are higher chance of spontaneous abortion with your subsequent pregnancies, which is a major potential risk. 

To get an accurate result in the pregnancy test how much time should one wait? 

Pregnancy depends upon a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hcG) . After abortion this hormone level decreases gradually in a state that it shows no symptoms of potential pregnancy but it takes time , doesnt happen in one day. To test negative for  pregnancy you may have to wait for 16 days to 2 months to fall the hcG hormone to a certain level, where it will test negative. If you go for a pregnancy test before the said time frame then you are most likely test positive because of a higher hcG level than expected as a result of the previous pregnancy effect. If you feel you got pregnant again you should consult a doctor and go for their prescribed diagnostic tests and should not attempt over the counter pregnancy test option. 

How does abortion affect future pregnancies?

There is no certain evidence that abortion can affect future pregnancies. Abortion in first trimester can reduce the risk of further problem. Medical abortion is much safer than surgical abortion as dilation & curettage surgery can enhance the chance of spontaneous abortion further. Surgical abortion leaves scar in the wall of uterus which creates problem in implantation of placenta in future pregnancies. While, medical abortion only involves medicines to make abortion successful therefore it makes the procedure easy. It involves in-house as well as in-clinic procedure which is helpful in either way. 

For safe pregnancy doctor advises to have sex for pregnancy after getting the first period after abortion. 

What are those diagnostic tests that doctor may ask for pregnancy after abortion?

  • Blood test
  • Chromosomal test
  • Ultrasound 
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Hysterosalpingography 
  • Sonohysterography 
  • MRI

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