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The web directory is a kind of platform where each business owner can put their own website with a virtual business card. Catalogs are of two types: moderate and unmoderated. Definitely the first option is a better decision. Why? For what? You’ll know from the following article.

Below is a list of catalogs of websites that we audited by the industry. You will only find high-quality platforms worth considering while searching for the right place to publish a listing for your product. For both business websites and online stores, this is a great choice. Only established catalogs “liked” by Google’s search engine can be included in our list.

What is a web directory?

A suitable place to promote your brand’s offer or products is undoubtedly the catalogs of websites, organizing them thematically. The company’s business card includes company name, contact details, website link and other information relevant to the potential customer. The most important in the catalog, however, is the unique description of the activity, as well as the selection of the appropriate category. All this data and information will help you search your business on the Internet. Website directories are one of the most popular methods of obtaining inbound links to your website.

But why are moderated catalogs considered better? Well, this is very important when it comes to positioning. Entries that are checked before publication always contain unique descriptions, the right number of key phrases, as well as valid links. Moderators because they thoroughly verify the quality of the content added to the catalog. Thanks to this, your business card will certainly be positively received by Google, which in effect will positively influence the positioning of your website. This means that the use of free, not very popular directories actually makes no sense because there is really little chance that it will raise your site’s position in the search engine.

To sum up, if you are looking for a place where you can share your offer, focus on catalogs that are moderated and well ordered, have a rich company base and have been on the network for a long time. Also, pay attention to the uniqueness of the content it contains and whether high-quality links lead to catalogs. Also, check whether the selected directory contains pages that are unlawful.

What is cataloging websites?

Based on the example below, we will show you the process of adding a company to the website directory and indicate what information can be included in it.

As you can see, you can add your company name at the very beginning. It is important that it be an official name. There is also a place to enter a website – do not skip this step, because very often users of directories are looking for a link that can transfer them to your website with just one click. There is also a place to provide company details (street, apartment number, zip code, city, and province). The category window is also very important. It is worth thinking about her choice. Especially if it is not a thematic catalog. A well-matched category will definitely help users find your business on the platform. Next, we go to the map. Not every catalog has such functionality, but if you come across such, be sure to use it.

Among the most important data, there is also NIP, REGON, telephone number, fax or e-mail address. As you can see, there are also places in the catalog for providing your addresses to social media profiles. Today they play a huge role in promoting the company, so don’t forget to add them. An interesting solution is also the ability to upload your brand logo, as well as several other photos. These can include product, store and office photographs – the decision is yours. Make sure that they are high-quality photos, and then they will definitely attract the attention of users of the catalog.

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