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Featuring the article in an article is a very quick and easy topic for link building or Backlink method in driving search engine. Now, here we arrange many high ranking article submission sites. We would advise you to submit your article on the sites below. But remember, just submit your article to high-page sites always, and don’t submit the same article to many sites. Try to create unique 80% + article for each submission. If you submit your article in the good article rank article directory then you need to get lots of fast traffic. So, try submitting a unique article, then you can expect a good result. The SEO expert says that “content in the field is a king and the link is a queen”, so you need to write a large number of articles and submit them to sites with high quality PR articles to attract green traffic. to the search engine.

Where can we publish articles?

You are an author and write articles. You are looking for a place on a prestigious website to publish and promote your work. Then you are in the right place! I present to you a list of 60+ prestigious article-sharing directories in which you can unleash your creativity by publishing your author article.

Here are the 60+ New Free Article Submission Sites List Updated 2020.  Submit instant approval high PR and DA article websites list to boost traffic.


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