Detox your lungs with these easy ways

Detox your lungs with these easy ways

Pollution is one of the biggest concerning issues around the world.  The dense layer of airborne pollutants, smoke from industries, factories, exhaust from vehicles, smoke from cigarettes, chemical pollution in water bodies, nitrogen oxide released by burning fossils and much more can harm the health of the humans, animals, and plants.  Temporary or short-term effects of environmental pollution can cause bronchitis, pneumonia, irritation in the nose, throat, eyes, and skin. The long-standing effects include serious respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), cystic fibrosis, lung cancer, and heart disease. It can also affect and damage the kidney, liver and other organs. Whatever the situation be around is, certain natural remedies can detox our lungs and can remove toxins from the body.

Yes! Countless products for detoxification are available in the market, but trying out a few natural remedies would work rather than quickly fixing it out with pills. Here, in this article, we will discuss natural yet easy lung detoxification processes that you can follow to improve your lung health. To know more just keep reading the post!

5 Ways to detox your lungs naturally:

Lungs can self-detox! Avoid pills and concoctions! Good eating habits and proper exercise can help to keep your lungs stronger as you age. Here are a few tips to improve your lung health! Follow these detoxification processes and keep your lung as healthy as possible. 

  1. Practice deep breathing exercise: Deep breathing exercise helps to improve lung function and eases your breathing problems. So, practice breathing exercise at least twice daily for the proper functioning of your respiratory system, thereby it helps to eliminate toxins from the lungs. But, if you are already suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other respiratory diseases contact your healthcare provider before you start any new exercise regimen. If any medicines are prescribed, order your prescription medicines from any reliable online drugstore. Choose your required medicines or products by clicking on the medicine search option and place the order immediately. Also, avail free home delivery and get amazing medicine discount on every order.
  2. Sip on green tea: Green tea has an amazing cleansing and detoxifying properties. Green tea is rich in polyphenols which are strong antioxidants. Sipping a glass of tea twice a day helps in the smooth functioning of the lungs. It also aids in the expulsion of toxins from the lungs. If you don’t have a practice of drinking green tea, start having it to cleanse the system. It also helps to improve your body’s resistance against diseases.
  3. Steam inhalation: Steam inhalation is an age-old tradition used to drain mucus from the lungs. During, steam inhalation process the vapours help to loosen the mucus and clears the air passage making a way to breathe easy. But, if you have green or yellow mucus, contact your doctor immediately. It may be a sign of serious illness that needs immediate medical treatment. Based on the severity of the conditions, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to ease the symptoms. Order your prescription medicines online from the best online medicine store in India.
  4. Include anti-inflammatory foods: Including foods such as turmeric, walnuts, olives, lentils, and berries helps to fight inflammation, eases chest congestion, clears mucus, and overcomes breathing difficulties.  Try adding anti-inflammatory foods always in your diet to improve lung function.
  5. Improve indoor air quality: Unlike outdoor air quality, indoor air quality also plays a major role in your lung health. As we spend most of our time at indoor, monitoring its quality is a must. As we are more dependent on the household chemicals, scents, room fresheners inhaling these can harm our lungs. Investing in good quality humidifiers and use natural and fragrance-free cleaning products for cleaning the floors. Choose indoor plants such as ferns, spider plants, aloe Vera, bamboo plants and others to purify the air inside your house.

The above-listed are a few tips which you can follow to kick off harmful toxins from your body and lungs. Apart from this, avoiding certain daily habits can protect your lungs from coating dangerous toxins. Lung damage can be prevented by following a regular exercise, including anti-inflammatory diet, breathing fresh air, by quitting smoking, etc. All these measures can drastically improve your lung health.

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