Checkout The Steps You Must Know About Payment Gateway Integration

Checkout The Steps You Must Know About Payment Gateway Integration

Not many know that the secret ingredient to developing a successful app business is ‘seamless payment gateway’. Not only it plays a huge role in delivering immense ease to the customers, but it also focuses on their retention. It is integral that you pay a lot of focus in this direction. From fraud protection to supporting a variety of payment methods, there are multiple ways to merge a simple and easy to use payment gateway. It is necessary that online merchants pay exorbitant attention to the ways of selecting a payment gateway, so today in this blog we would focus on all the integral aspects related to the same.

So keep reading further if you want to develop a better understanding of all the related concepts.

Before we begin, it is a must that we address the biggest question that is continuously banging on your door- How to choose a payment gateway that draws unmatchable interest from the right resources? How to discover the best choice that would influence the conversion rates, user satisfaction, and revenue funnel?

It is the most valuable aspect of your business success. Basically, it is a building block that contributes to the success of the application. Convenient and faster payments make the app more user friendly. Easy payments are now a necessity as tech-savvy customers cannot survive without the same, By now you must have understood its integral importance, but there are still a lot of technicalities that you must know. Let begging to understand all of them!

Payment-Gateway & Cart Abandonment

Any minute complication in the payment gateway triggers the customers to abandon the online shopping carts. The inconvenience in the system forces customers to stress on the platform’s security. The problem can be because of multiple reasons-

•      Slow process

•      Unnecessary information required

•      Required payment-mode unavailable

This makes it clear that glitches in this department directly reflects on the overall sales. So if you haven’t focused on it yet, it is time that you do!

What is Payment-Gateway? 

Let us try to understand it in laymen’s vernacular. It is an alternative for the card swiping device that most of might have witnessed in many brick and mortar stores. So here, the process of accepting payment is processed with the help of an online gateway. It simplifies the process of accepting payments by the buyers through multiple modes like-

•      Debit/Credit cards

•      Net banking

•      E-wallets

It operates keeping both platform and the customers in mind. It is just a vertical on the business application that a buyer can use for transactions while purchasing goods and services.

How to choose the right Payment-Gateway? 

Let us check out the five simple ways to select the right Payment-Gateway. These pointers will help you out to make the right decision about your business.

1. Processing operation

It is certain that the form your provider delivers helps you to establish trust within the hearts of your customers. The look can either draw the attention of the users or can distract them. For better conversions, ask your provider to deliver you an embedded custom form to keep the audience hooked to the app platform.

2. Flexibility

Your Payment-Gateway needs to be flexible so that it is able to adopt all the basic requirements of your business. Do check that if it would fully merge with the programming language. It must also possess the flexibility to respond to all the global currencies.

3. Compliance

Payment-Gateway compliance generally takes time to get integrated, so don’t forget to check in with your provider about the same. Ast them the estimated time it would take you to get the new merchant account and the approximate time at which it would start processing your payments.

4. Customer support

Integrate the 24*7 customer support to solve the technical glitches anyone can face your platform. By integrating customer support it gets easier to assign help through any given means and at any given time.

5. Focus on security

The following data description to guard the security of your buyers is integral. It then becomes easy to secure your merchant account and protect the financial information of your buyers.

Here’s what you need to integrate a payment gateway!

Let us take a look at the quick guide to integrate a Payment-Gateway. So are you ready to explore this exciting concept?

1. Get a merchant account through which you can process online transactions. Payment gateway deposits funds here which then gets transferred to your bank accounts. Hence, it is crucial to possess a merchant account.

2. Link your bank account to the merchant account.

3. Add payment gateway API/SDK so that you can integrate it into your app.

4. Conduct sandbox testing in order to switch to production mode.

5. After you go live, set a transaction type. It can either be directly to the Payment-Gateway merchant account or to the linked bank account.


Now you know the major related aspects of Payment-Gateway. But that is not all, as there are a lot of hidden and complicated technicalities that one must be fully aware of. If you want to know more about them, then feel free to reach out to the experts for garnering more information. So what are you waiting for? Connect to explore the world full of greater possibilities.

But until the next update, stay hooked to this portal for more exciting updates from all over the world. And don’t forget to drop your views about the blog in the comment section present below. We would love to hear from you.

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