College periods are the best time to explore and try. It feels a shame if your time is not used to find as much experience as possible. Included in terms of getting your own income. Besides being able to fill out your savings account, from there you can also study independently. Shame too, right if you can only raise your hand to your parents?

Maybe you ask: how do you make money while you are a student? Well, to quell your curiosity, first check the following list:

1. A freelance photographer and videographer

The need for photographers and videographers continues to increase every year. The large number of small companies that do not want to spend too much money on making company profiles creates business opportunities for students.

In addition to company profile, event and wedding documentation is also a promising business opportunity for students. The program which usually falls at the end of this week coincides with student free time.

2. Private lessons

For exact science students such as mathematics and science can provide private tutoring to elementary, middle and high school students in the form of calculation subjects. But you don’t worry, social science students can also hold private lessons. For example, foreign language private tutoring.

Holding private lessons includes business choices that allow you to have a substantial income for the size of students. This is what makes private tutoring a business choice for students that is quite promising. At least you can pocket IDR 300,000 per child. The more children you teach, the more you get.

3. Tour guide

Filling free time while making money is one of the pleasures of being a student. Students who often go around certainly have knowledge of interesting tourist attractions. This knowledge can be used as a business opportunity for students. Offer your services on Airbnb, so you have the opportunity to get guests from abroad. In addition to practicing foreign language skills, you can also exchange experiences with tourists you guide.

4. Makeup artist

Being a makeup artist is increasingly advancing with the many diverse beauty products. The many events that require a makeup artist also create business opportunities for students and students who are interested in the world of beauty. Starting from graduation, birthday parties, applications, to shooting for portfolios. Keep on refining your makeup skills because professional makeup artists can get IDR 25 million to IDR 50 million for just one job.

5. Influencers

Instagram has opened up new possibilities for students. The endorsement industry has made Instagram not only as a photo sharing media but also as an advertising medium. Of course this is a business opportunity for creative students and students.

Serve interesting content on your Instagram page to increase the number of followers. Collaborate with your photographer friends to jointly build portfolios and networks.

6. Web design

Web design is the right business choice for students because of its more flexible nature. But web design is not just a business field for information technology students, because this skill can be learned by everyone. Proven many professional web designers who do not have an educational background in information technology. Payments that you can receive also vary depending on the complexity of the website you want.

7. Translator

The number of books, journals, research results that must be translated from and into foreign languages ??creates business opportunities for students who love the world of literacy. Simply offer your services to a freelancer website. But you should build a portfolio first. Maybe it can be started from a friendship environment or your family if you need the services of a translator.

8. Online business shop

The ease and flexibility offered by the online store business makes it the right choice for students to start a business. You can start an online business that sells things that are often sought by the public such as snacks, clothes for pregnant and lactating women, gadget accessories, hoods, or imported makeup. If your capital is limited, you can also become a reseller or dropshipper.

9. Event organizer

Being a committee of campus events is one of your training venues to become a professional organizer. Maybe you can start from a party planner for birthday and anniversary events. From there you can build the ability to hold other small events such as small music concerts. Continue to build your abilities until finally you dare to hold a large-scale event.

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