Keeping our mind healthy and relaxed is essential for our health. As determined by the World Health Organization (WHO), “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of conditions or illnesses.”

Factors such as anxiety and stress spoil our welfare and are a threat. Tensions that may arise from delicate work situations, from problems of a couple or from a personal nature, such as a loss or sudden change in our living situation. This can cause the alteration of the necessary balance that requires in our day to day and seriously affect our well-being.

Download tension from the mind and escape from the pressure that often produces our own thoughts is possible with some recommendations. It is about recovering the lost tranquility with keys and exercises of meditation, physical and artistic activities that help us reconnect with ourselves and with our social environment.

Advises some actions and ways to focus our thinking to achieve a better mental relaxation:

  1. Return to the present. Relaxing your mind is usually associated with thinking more about the present and stop thinking about both the past and the future.
  2. Observe colors around. This technique brings us back to the present immediately. Perhaps the most common formula is to concentrate on mentally visualizing a white wall. This concentration effort will free our brain from other anxious thoughts.
  3. Think in the woods. If you are lost in the details (in a forest and you do not see any marked path to leave) raise your thinking to a higher layer (look at the forest from the sky and you will see that there is always an exit). If you are confused in a general view of things (you just see the forest from above), lower your level of thinking towards the details and the more specific things (stay in the woods and you will see twigs, rivers, etc …).
  4. Compress breathing Excellent way to relax not only our mind but also our body. Let’s not forget that the stress system is composed of two elements, the mind and the body and that they are activated, they are altered, they calm down reciprocally.
  5. Meditation It is undoubtedly one of the most powerful weapons we have to relax our conscience and bring our voices within ourselves.
  6. Listen to music without lyrics or even sounds of the forest, the sea or the rain. People with high hearing sensitivity achieve extraordinary benefits of relaxation and calm through this activity.
  7. Physical exercise. A powerful weapon, since secretion of the hormones produced by exercise, relaxes the body and achieves a positive mental stimulation.

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