10 Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Effectively without Gym

10 Ways to Lose Weight Fast and Effectively without Gym
lose weight without exercise

Are you currently undergoing a weight loss program? Do you regularly schedule sports? If yes, do you succeed that way?

Sometimes we have tried hard to lose weight, like doing cardio routines, but to lose 1 kg it feels difficult. Naturally, if many people are looking for various ways to lose weight without exercise.

If there are ways to lose weight without exercise, you definitely want to try it, right? Indeed, without weight training it will not necessarily experience a drastic decline. However, for those who do not have time to exercise, the following ways can be done:

1. Chew food slowly

Chewing food can slowly increase satiety, besides that food can also be digested properly by enzymes in the mouth. The incoming calories become less.

In addition, the speed at which the food runs out quickly determines the weight you know. A review of 23 studies reported that people who eat faster are more likely to experience weight gain than those who eat slowly. They are also at risk for obesity.

2. Makan pakai piring kecil

Always use small plates when eating. When buying unhealthy food, use the small size plate. This can be a trick for the brain. Small plates can make food look bigger, the brain will catch it like that. If you use a small plate, the portion of unhealthy food becomes even smaller. You can also do the opposite trick on healthy food, put the food on a larger plate.

Research shows, how to lose weight this one can instill a signal to the brain that you have enough to eat even in small portions than usual. Psychologically, you will feel full and will not return to increase portions, and the program to lose weight feels easier.

3. Eat lots of protein

Protein has a function to increase the feeling of fullness so that it can help reduce calories. Based on research cited by Authority Nutrition, participants were helped to eat 441 fewer calories per day and could lose about 4 kg in 12 weeks, without limiting anything, just by increasing protein intake by 15-30 percent. You can get protein from eggs as a breakfast menu. Eating eggs at breakfast is believed to help put in a smaller calorie intake for lunch, even throughout the day and for the next 36 hours. Protein can also be found in chicken breast, fish, Greek yogurt, and almonds.

4. Expand foods containing fiber

An effective way to lose weight is to multiply eating fiber. Foods that are rich in fiber help us feel full for a long time. One type of fiber, namely thick fiber, can form a gel when it comes in contact with water. This gel will increase the time to absorb nutrients and slow digestion, so that the stomach does not empty quickly. This thick fiber can be found in whole grain cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts.

5. The portion of eating is less

The next way to lose weight is to change the portion of food to be less. You can start little by little to get used to it. Initially it might be very difficult and torturous. However, if you are used to eating a large portion, you will be compelled to eat a larger portion when hungry. Large portions of food pose a risk of obesity.

6. Avoid eating while playing cellphones or watching TV

When eating it should not think of other things or do other activities such as opening a cellphone, watching television or playing games. Usually, eating accompanied by other activities does not make people focus and do not know how much food they have eaten.

The effect is not only about the amount of intake that enters the body, but also the increase in food intake in the next meal session. People who are not focused on eating will increase their calorie intake by 25 percent in the next meal session than those who focus on eating.

7. Adjust Diet

Although it sounds trivial, regulating the pattern of eating is very influential on the weight loss program. As much as possible adjust your diet. Stay away from fast food like junk food and make it a habit to consume fruits and vegetables that are balanced with carbohydrates and proteins that are needed for the body in the appropriate amount.

8. Drink water regularly

Drinking water can help the body feel full and reduce weight, especially if you drink before eating a big meal. A study in adults found that drinking half a liter of water about half an hour before meals can reduce hunger and help reduce calorie intake. Participants from the study who did this method lost about 44% in 12 weeks compared to those who did not. Try to consume water and avoid sweet drinks.

9. Get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation can slow down metabolism, which means burning fat in the body will be hampered. With enough sleep, the metabolism will work well and also keeps you from starving at night. Especially when lack of sleep, the hormone leptin (a hormone that stimulates hunger) and the hormone ghrelin becomes disrupted.

10. Active move

Who says burning calories only with exercise? How to lose weight without exercise does not mean you can not move at all. You can burn calories just by cleaning the house, taking pets for sightseeing, even climbing stairs. You can also go buy food or your own needs, without asking people for help. Carrying groceries can be a light exercise that burns calories without realizing it. Likewise when you have to go upstairs to the closest one in a building, you can use stairs instead of elevators.

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